Waxing can be a little scary and painful for someone new to waxing and painful for clients who don’t prepare their skin. Skin in the intimate area is just as important as the skin on your face, your arms, your feet, and everywhere else on your body.

Cleansing: You want to make sure that you are cleansing the area thoroughly, making sure to get in between the labia good. Using a cleanser without a natural fragrance that won’t throw your pH off balance, and that will help keep the juices flowing.

Exfoliating: This is a vital part in your skincare regimen. You can use a mechanical exfoliation like the Bee & Bee exfoliating soap, scrubs, brushes, or gloves. A chemical exfoliation like an enzyme or Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids can also be used to gently dissolve dead skin cells.

Moisturize: As some people will forget to moisturize their intimate area, it is very important to keep the area moisturized.

We recommend hydrating the skin with products like our Hydrating Bikini Mask, that feel like a drink of fresh water for your intimate area, and our Silk Blossom Oil or Ouch Balm that is an oil base to help protect and moisturize your skin. Hard Wax, sticks to dry dehydrated skin so it is very important and much more comfortable if you prep your skin
and keep it moisturized.

These steps can be done at home as a daily intimate self care, at home regimen. It will make your waxing experience less painful, easier, and more comfortable for you and your waxing specialist.